Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Book Review: Arms of Love by Kelly Long

I recently had the opportunity to review Kelly Long's Amish Beginnings novel, Arms of Love.  As I think I've recently mentioned, I have really enjoyed the Amish genre lately, and Ms. Long's book is no exception!  This was a really great story, and I found myself completely wrapped up in the plot, and feeling like I was a part of the characters' lives.  

Without any spoilers, I'll give a brief summary:  the book begins with main character Adam Wyse making a promise to his neighbor, who is great with child and feels that God has told her that she will not survive the birth of her fourth child.  This neighbor is also the mother of the young woman, Lena Yoder, who Adam loves dearly.  The promise he makes will break his heart as he faces tough decisions regarding his faith and the civil war.  Adam is a good man with a sincere heart who is often overlooked because of his intellectual brother, whose greatest desire is to become a bishop.  Revelations from not only Adam's past, but that of his father, will shape the eventual outcome of this story.

I was unfamiliar with Kelly Long before reading this book, but I'm so glad that I made the choice to read and review!  She's an excellent writer, and I am already looking at reading some of her other novels.  A great feature at the end of the story is a Reading Group Guide... whether or not I have the opportunity to read this with a group, I do plan on spending some time reviewing and answering the questions on my own.

Five star read- highly unpredictable, and highly recommended!  Thanks to the publisher for providing the book in exchange for my honest review!

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