Wednesday, November 11, 2009

New Layout

Okay, so I'm just starting to get my feet wet with this whole blogging thing.. but I was super stoked to find out that someone (Mikelle - you can also click the My Style Backgrounds button to the right) had created backgrounds with Amanda's awesome Fall Kit. What an awesome job she has done!

I played around with some other elements of her kit, and created this siggie for our message board:

I can't wait to mess around some more with the elements of this kit!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Loving it!

So, after lots of jealousy over all of these popular blogs by ordinary people, I decided to start my own! My final inspiration came froma blogger named Amanda... she has the best blog with recipes, photography, scrapbooking stuff, and glimpses of their everyday life. I'd be curious to know how many followers she has. I doubt I'll get quite as creative as she is, but a girl can hope. I'm blown away by her generosity with all of her giveaways and knowledge. Maybe someday I'll be popular enough that people will give me things to share with my readers? Ha!

My goal for this blog is to share things I learn along this path called motherhood. While there is not a "manual" per se, I believe there are lessons we can learn from each other. I think a mom's greatest resource is the other moms with whom she surrounds herself (especially those who are like-minded in their child-rearing philosophies). My best friend has a daughter who is 8 months older than my little man, and as it turns out, we are like two of the same mom! I think we've agreed on everything so far, from breastfeeding to nutrition to staying home with our children to our favorite places to shop for our kids! I am also a part of an online moms' group that formed while we were pregnant with our little ones. We're very diverse, and scattered all over the US & Canada, but we've found a wealth of support and information in our little group.

Hopefully, I'll get with it and get some posts up soon...