Thursday, January 7, 2010

Back in the Blogging Groove

So now that we're past the holidays, I'm back in the blogging groove. Honestly, it just took a "what's up with your blog?" to make me realize that people are actually paying attention. Ha! And here I thought I was the only one reading my posts.. (Thanks Felicita)! I had fun customizing her blog header, and so it got me in the mood to give mine a bloglift!

Life here in the mommy 'hood has been interesting as the boy is cutting what appears to be approximately two gazillion teeth (mostly molars, possibly an eye tooth as well?). He ran a low-grade fever for about half of our vacation to Indiana, and has been Mr. Cranky since we returned. I feel badly for him, because he is usually SO happy... so I know he's got to be hurting if he's grumpy. Not helping matters is the fact that I'm also sick, which causes a patience deficit on my part... and in turn, guilt for not being more patient with him when he's in pain.

Lesson of the week thus far? Take each day as it comes. Each sunrise is a new day, a clean slate, and a chance for opportunities unknown. Even when it seems like the same cloud is parked over your head for several days in a row, take heart and know that this too shall pass.

...and just think of the steak he'll be eating when all those teeth come in.